Christina Aguilera / Bionic

Category: Music
Genre: Pop
Artist: Christina Aguilera
1. «Bionic»
2. «Not Myself Tonight»

3. «WooHoo» (featuring Nicki Minaj)
4. «Elastic Love»
5. «Desnudate»
6. «Love & Glamour (Intro)»
7. «Glam»
8. «Prima Donna»
9. «Morning Dessert (Intro)»
10. «Sex For Breakfast»
11. «Lift Me Up»
12. «My Heart (Intro)»
13. «All I Need»
14. «I Am»
15. «You Lost Me»
16. «I Hate Boys»
17. «My Girls» (featuring Peaches)
18. «Vanity»
19. «Monday Morning»
20. «Blobblehead»
21. «Birds Of Prey»
22. «Stronger Than Ever»
23. «I Am (Stripped)»
24. «”Little Dreamer”» (Solo por iTunes)

Well, mmm, i have no idea where to start, i’m used to hearing that Christina has a lot of talent, that she’s even better than Britney, but somehow i don’t see it with this album, she is kind of lost, she is copying everything from Madonna, just like Lady Gaga, who i adore, by the way, but let’s be real, they are doing everything Madonna has already done, but, they are trying, i’ll give them that much.

This album sounds a lot like Lady Gaga, Madonna (last albums), Britney, Janet Jackson, also Kylie Minogue.

The songs i like are: All i need, birds of pray, glam, i am, lift me up, monday morning, not myself tonight, stronger than ever, and you lost me.

I think, in the end, she’s trying really hard not to be stuck, or forgotten, because, the new generations have many options to choose from, and she’s been doing the same old thing over and over again, let’s see what happens with this album, and her “idea” of getting back on top.



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