Florence + The Machine

A great band, leaded by Florence Welch, who’s voice is amazing!!!!, I love every song from Ceremonials!!!!

Official site:


First album:


No. Title Writer(s) Producer Length
1. Dog Days Are Over Florence Welch, Isabella Summers James Ford 4:13
2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Welch, Paul Epworth Epworth 3:52
3. I’m Not Calling You a Liar Welch, Summers Ford 3:05
4. Howl Welch, Epworth Epworth 3:34
5. Kiss with a Fist Welch, Matt Alchin Stephen Mackey 2:04
6. Girl with One Eye Alchin, David Ashby, James McCool Mackey 3:39
7. Drumming Song Welch, Ford, Crispin Hunt Ford 3:44
8. Between Two Lungs Welch, Summers Ford 4:09
9. Cosmic Love Welch, Summers Epworth 4:16
10. My Boy Builds Coffins Welch, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Rob Ackroyd Charlie Hugall 2:57
11. Hurricane Drunk Welch, Eg White White 3:13
12. Blinding Welch, Epworth Epworth 4:40
13. You’ve Got the Love Anthony B. Stephens Hugall 2:49

Second album:


No. Title Writer(s) Producer Length
1. Only If for a Night Florence Welch, Paul Epworth Epworth 4:58
2. Shake It Out Welch, Epworth Epworth 4:37
3. What the Water Gave Me Welch, Francis White Epworth 5:33
4. Never Let Me Go Welch, Epworth Epworth 4:31
5. Breaking Down Welch Epworth 3:49
6. Lover to Lover Welch Epworth 4:02
7. No Light, No Light Welch, Isabella Summers Epworth 4:34
8. Seven Devils Welch, Epworth Epworth 5:03
9. Heartlines Welch, Epworth Epworth 5:01
10. Spectrum Welch, Epworth Epworth 5:11
11. All This and Heaven Too Welch, Summers Epworth 4:05
12. Leave My Body Welch, Epworth Epworth 4:34


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